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        Precision Inner Barrel

        Material: brassTpye:  L=455mm. For AK47 / 551  Gross weight: 109.2g ..
        Material: brassTpye:  L=229mm. for AK Beta Gross weight: 54.96g  ..
        Material: brass  Tpye:   L=247mm. For G36 / SIG 552  Gross weight: 59.28g&n..
        Material: brass Tpye: L=363mm ForM4A1/XM177E2/M4RIS/M4 S-system /M4SR16  Gross weight: 87.12g&n..
        Material: brass  Tpye:  L=300mm. For M733  Gross weight: 72g ..
        Material: brassTpye:  L=650mm. For SVDGross weight: 158g..
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